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Affording Care

Get the care you need, no matter what you can pay.

At HealthReach, we believe everyone deserves the healthcare they need, no matter what you can pay. We offer complete care at a reasonable cost — and we help make sure it’s affordable for you. You don’t even need to be a current patient to get our help!

There are three ways to get affordable healthcare:

1. We provide complete care at a reasonable cost, and we are happy to assist you in understanding your insurance coverage. For primary care and behavioral health services, we accept Medicare, MaineCare, and most major insurance providers. Our Dental Centers are considered in-network with the following insurers: MaineCare, Delta Dental, Envolve, United Health Care Dental, GEHA, and Liberty.

2. We offer an Affordable Care Program (also known as a sliding fee scale) to both uninsured and insured Mainers. Thanks to funding from the U.S. Bureau of Primary Health Care, this program reduces what you pay for healthcare based on how much you make and the size of your family. See the Income Guidelines chart to the right. If you qualify, you may pay only $0 – $20 for most healthcare services and a minimum of $10 for dental services.

To apply, please fill out this easy application and submit it along with proof of income (a current federal income tax return, veteran benefits, general assistance, workers’ compensation, W-2 forms, Social Security notice, pension notice, fuel assistance notice, current paystubs, unemployment award letter, alimony/child support documents, AFDC and/or food stamps, interest on savings, OR a letter from an employer). Our Affordable Care Program Coordinator will respond in writing within 10 days of receiving your application. It’s easy and confidential.

3. We’re here to help all of our community members — whether or not you are a current HealthReach patient — apply to the Health Insurance Marketplace through the U.S. Affordable Care Act, which can further help you afford the healthcare and medications you need. Patients established with HealthReach can also access our assistance with many other affordability programs.

Our HealthReach Connectors welcome your call.

Income Guidelines
Family income
is less than:
1 $30,121


3 $51,161
4 $62,401
5 $73,161
6 $83,921
7 $94,681
8 $105,441


Confused by healthcare insurance and how to enroll? Worried about the high cost of medications? We can help. Get in touch today.


Affordable Care Program Coordinator
Call: 1-800-299-2460 or 207-660-9922
PO Box 727
Waterville, ME 04903-0727