Jenny Boyden

Carolyn Tranten

WATERVILLE – Connie Coggins, President & CEO of HealthReach Community Health Centers, is pleased to announce that two new members joined the organization’s Governing Board of Directors.

Carolyn Tranten of Kingfield, Maine, has a rich history with the HealthReach organization. Working with the organization for over 25 years, Tranten began as a Practice Manager for the Mt. Abram Regional Health Center before graduating to the position of Compliance Officer. In 2015, she became Director of Operations, serving in this role until her retirement in 2023.

Jenny Boyden of Clinton, Maine, comes from a finance background with particular expertise in healthcare. She spent four years with HealthReach as its Director of Finance before transitioning back to the State of Maine’s Department of Administrative & Financial Services in the role of Associate Commissioner.

Of the new board members, Coggins says, “We are glad to welcome Carolyn Tranten and Jenny Boyden back, and onto the Board of Directors at HealthReach Community Health Centers. Their previous experience in health center management and finance will be invaluable as the board continues to evaluate opportunities to improve services to our patients across rural Maine.”

In 2024, returning to serve as officers are Jack Ducharme, Chair; Bruce Harrington, Vice Chair; and John Opperman, Secretary & Treasurer.

HealthReach Community Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center consisting of twelve community health centers located across rural Central and Western Maine. Dedicated clinicians deliver high-quality healthcare – inclusive of behavioral health, substance use disorder, dental, and podiatric services – to residents from 9 of Maine’s 16 counties. To ensure access for everyone, He

althReach accepts Medicare, MaineCare, and major insurance providers. An Affordable Care Program is available to both uninsured and underinsured people. Assistance is available for applications to programs that help with your healthcare and medication costs – including enrollment support for Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

A private non-profit with a 49-year history, HealthReach is funded by patient fees, grants, and by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as part of an award totaling $4,815,606 with 82.2% financed by non-governmental sources.

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