Waterville – Connie Coggins, HealthReach President & CEO, is happy to announce a new partnership between HealthReach Community Health Centers and The MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence (CTI). CTI administers the statewide tobacco treatment contract on behalf of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

HealthReach + MaineHealth Center for Tobacco Independence

Under this partnership, CTI supports HealthReach in expanding its tobacco treatment services by providing staff with enhanced skills and resources. CTI provides staff training, technical support, and data monitoring to ensure that HealthReach staff have what they need to support patients in treatment.
Coggins shares, “Our long-term collaboration with the Center for Tobacco Independence has been strengthened by partnering in a grant-funded effort in 2024. This effort has brought training opportunities for our staff to improve our engagement with patients in addressing tobacco use and offering resources – such as The Maine QuitLink – to help patients become tobacco-free.“

This partnership is a part of HealthReach initiatives in 2024 and beyond to broaden access to Substance Use Disorder services and education, and to decrease barriers that prevent patients from getting the help that they need. By integrating evidence-based tobacco treatment into routine healthcare services, HealthReach improves health outcomes and reduces the burden of tobacco-related disease. For more information about CTI and the additional resources and trainings they provide, visit CTIMaine.org.

HealthReach Community Health Centers is a Federally Qualified Health Center consisting of twelve community health centers located across Central and Western Maine. Dedicated clinicians deliver high-quality healthcare – inclusive of behavioral health, substance use disorder, dental, and podiatric services – to residents from 9 of Maine’s 16 counties. To ensure access for everyone, HealthReach accepts Medicare, MaineCare, and major insurance providers. An Affordable Care Program is available to both uninsured and underinsured people. Assistance is available for applications to programs that help with your healthcare and medication costs – including enrollment support for Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace.

A private non-profit with a 49-year history, HealthReach is funded by patient fees, grants, and by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) as part of an award totaling $4,815,606 with 82.2% financed by non-governmental sources.
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